Carbon Heating Korean Dry Sauna


(Fixed Korean dry sauna) 
(Movable Korean dry sauna) 
Single : 900X900X1980mm 
Double : 1100X1000X1980mm 
Triple : 1300X1300X1980mm 
(outdoor Korean dry sauna)

Pitch & Glovis' carbon heating Korean Dry Sauna has two types of fixed and movable. This product is beneficial for health with excellent sweating effect and promoting blood circulation even at low temperature (45℃~60℃).
| Features

·Blood circulation stimulation 
·Easy installation 
·Maintenance cost reduction 
·Better use of space, indoor installation available
| Advantages

·Excellent thermal conductivity 
·Can be moved after assembly 
·Sweating well and not sticky even at low temperature.
| Model

 PNGS - instagram
 PNGS - instagram