Carbon heating board is the longing for the heating industry Economical thermal efficiency and human health Pitch&Glovis's top priority It is an eco-friendly product, a core technology.

 Carbon as a heating element 

Carbon is an element that has the nature of a metal, but it also has a mineral nature. There is a characteristic of a semiconductor between a conductor and a non-conductor, so it shows a different pattern from the commonly known formula of I=VR. By making use of these characteristics, we were able to confirm the performance as a stable heating element with energy efficiency ranging from 10% to 50% compared to the previous one.

Carbon as a depositing agent 

Carbon has an advantage over conventional iron in terms of strength and weight, and the carbon we use is not carbon of weight and strength, but the heat generation of carbon itself. And in order to facilitate the processability of carbon, carbon extracted from minerals is blended into a liquid and deposited on aramid yarn to produce carbon yarn, which is the minimum part of a carbon heating element.

 Blended carbon 

Blending carbon is the process of fluidizing carbon to deposit carbon on aramid yarn that does not deform even at high temperatures of 600 degrees. This blending technology is an important core technology in the completion of carbon sand because the current flow varies depending on the ratio of the raw material carbon and other materials and nourishes the degree of deposition.

Compressed Polyester Board 

The woven carbon yarn is finished by being wrapped in polyester. A planar heating element is put between 50mm thick polyester at 300ton pressure and compressed to complete a carbon heating board of less than 1cm. This board has optimal strength and usability as a construction material.

General characteristics of carbon heating elements 

Unlike general electric heating products, unlike general electric heating products, carbon heating elements use the radiant energy of heat as the focus.It is not fast heating and easy dissipation of very hot heat, but the heat stored at low temperature composes the space in the state of radiant heat. It has the function of comfortable heating that can be felt at low temperatures, and you can see that far-infrared rays and negative ions that match the characteristics of radiant heat are abundantly emitted.

In general, it is compared to a metal with a strong carbon character.For energy and thermal products, carbon has more than the characteristics of existing metals, and as research and development continues, it is a material that is not yet known that can produce better quality products. is.

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 PNGS - instagram